Glama Mama is an Australian online store owned by Martina, a mother of three children, who’s passionate about providing maternity wear that’s stylish, elegant, and yet still comfortable.

When I was first pregnant (10 years ago) I started looking for maternity clothes but quickly realized how bad the choices were.

Often, I’d go into a maternity wear store and wouldn’t find anything fashionable or comfortable. Instead, all I saw were lots of frumpy looking clothes which looked like something like my mother would wear.

Tired and dealing with morning sickness, the last thing I felt like doing was traveling all over the city to look at more stores and somehow wished there was another alternative.

That’s when I stumbled upon Happy Mum and realized there was an exciting opportunity to provide pregnant and breastfeeding ladies with a more stylish and comfortable solution while shopping from the comfort of your home.

Happy Mum is a well-known maternity fashion brand which operates in over 8 countries in Europe, which we exclusively stock in Australia.

The Happy Mum collection is designed and made in Europe from specially selected high-quality fabrics, that will inspire you to express yourself and find your mum-to-be look. Our exclusive lines are specially designed to be worn during all stages of your pregnancy and beyond.

At Glama Mama we take an uncompromising approach to quality, service, and value, giving you peace of mind while shopping online. If you’re thinking of buying maternity clothes then why not try us.

We hope you love our online store as much as we do.

Glama Mama Maternity