10 Tips on How to Build a Stylish Maternity Wardrobe for the Hot Summer Months

January 21, 2018

10 Tips on How to Build a Stylish Maternity Wardrobe for the Hot Summer Months

The hottest season is in full bloom and so is your baby bump – and just like all the moms out there, you’ve come to realise that surviving summer like a (fashionable) pro while also feeling comfortable in your second or third trimester is not the easiest task around. If you’re on the hunt for the best tips out there on how to look put-together and comfortable during the hottest months of the year, we’ve compiled a list to help you shop for and build your stylish maternity wardrobe.

1. Embrace Your New Curves with Breastfeeding-Friendly V-Necks

You are the proud owner of a growing baby bump – and lately, you’re also enjoying another part of your body, unexpectedly so – you guessed, one of the perks of your pregnancy is no other than having a gorgeous cleavage! And since the temperatures are definitely at their peak, less coverage usually means staying cooler – just make sure you load up on sunscreen! Our top suggestion: embrace your new curves and opt for cleavagey tops and pregnancy dresses with V-necklines that are not only flattering and perfect for the intense heat, but that will also provide great breastfeeding access later on.

2. Opt for Lightweight Sleeveless Tops

When it comes to pregnancy tops, nothing beats the loose, sleeveless designs that allow you to breathe and move comfortably while also looking positively chic in the process. Another great stylish maternity wear option for those late pregnancy months: cowl-neckline tops made of light viscose blends that will also allow you to breastfeed your baby easily.

3. Show off Your Legs in Chic Maternity Shorts

Shorts are the ultimate summer staple – and you should totally rock them during your pregnancy just as much, if not more than before. From nautical-inspired pieces like these adorable pregnancy shorts to boyfriend-style maternity denim shorts like this relaxed pair, there is a wide range of cute styles out there, ready to be paired with your baby-bump-friendly tops and open-toe mules.

4. Choose Flattering Smart-Casual Tops and Dresses with Empire Waists

When it comes to casualwear, you’ve got loads of stylish maternity options: from loose fits and stretchy fabrics to oversize cuts, looking comfy and chic during the hot weekends is definitely possible. But when it comes to the more formal and office-ready choices, you are, well, struggling. Our solution: say ‘Yes!’ to empire waists! Whether you are in need of a smart-casual shirt or dress, embrace the flattering and comfortable cut of empire waists to showcase your darling baby bump while also looking put-together without much effort at the same time.

5. Opt for Stretchy Fabrics for Extra Comfort

Your baby bump is growing at a fast pace, so there’s no doubt about it: stretchy fabrics are the way to go! Whether you’re shopping for summery tops, stylish frocks or pregnancy shorts, what you need is fabrics that can accommodate and embrace your baby bump comfortably – because the last thing you want during the burning mid-hours is a restrictive, inflexible garment that impairs both your movement and your breathing. Our best tip: pick out tops, skirts and dresses that include elastane, spandex or reflex. And if you were thinking that finding the perfect maternity denim skirt that’s both chic and totally stretchy was an impossible mission, this trendy pick will surely change your mind.

6. Choose Lightweight Sleepwear That Allows Breastfeeding

You’ve become somewhat of an expert at staying cool during the day and rocking those maternity denims shorts, but what about those hot summer nights, when not even the AC on full speed can keep up? Our pro tip: choose lightweight, short nightgowns that come with an extra bonus: they are designed for breastfeeding moms. Since you will likely want to make longer-term investments during your pregnancy, choosing sleepwear that you can use during your baby’s infancy and toddlerhood is a definite plus.

7. Stay Cool in Chic Thigh-Length Skirts

When on the lookout for the perfect maternity skirt, go for thigh-length pieces that are not only comfortable, but also versatile. Since you’ll probably want to invest in a least two staple skirts during your pregnancy, opt for smart-casual pieces that can work perfectly both with flat shoes like sneakers or sandals, as well as with a pair of heels for a romantic night out with your love. A maternity denim skirt paired with canvas slip-ons and a casual tee can be a perfect grab & go outfit during your third trimester, as well as a maternity skirt with (safe, yet still sexy) block heels and a sleeveless top.

8. Go for Mini or Maxi Summery Frocks in Fun Colours

Short sleeves or no sleeves, a baby-bump-friendly design, stretchy fabrics that include elastane or spandex and, of course, a cute and versatile cut in bright hues – we’re talking about the must-have qualities of the ideal summer-ready pregnancy dresses. Whether you love maxi and casual maternity dresses like this hot pink floral frock (bonus points: it’s perfect for breastfeeding!) or ultra-comfortable and modern designs like this stylish maternity dress, the wide range of available styles varying from A-line cuts to the universally-flattering empire waist frocks will surely give you lots of options.

9. Stay Cool and Comfortable in Natural Fabrics

If one of your biggest concerns during the last months of your pregnancy is avoiding excessive sweating and staying cool, then the best solution is to pick both tops and bottoms made of natural fabrics – and the best summer-ready option is no other than cotton. Cotton and elastane blends work great as well (like these chic maternity shorts) because they provide the perfect combo of lightness and elasticity.

10. Finish up Your Outfits with Comfy and Safe Footwear

You’ve got your casual maternity dresses ready, your favourite maternity denim shorts are waiting to be worn on your next shopping spree and your breastfeeding-friendly tops are all set to go, but what about stylish maternity-friendly footwear? When it comes to shoes, prioritising your comfort and safety is essential, especially during those challenging last months – which is why you should opt for low and thick block heels or flat footwear. If you love sandals, make sure you choose styles with thicker, non-rigid straps in order to avoid circulation problems – and when in doubt, simply choose slip-on cotton espadrilles or comfy mules and sliders.

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