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Our Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Expecting Mums

May 09, 2019

Our Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Expecting Mums

Mother’s Day is just on the horizon, and we’re so excited! What better time of year than a day dedicated to celebrating the mums in our life? For mums-to-be, this is the first time they’ll get to experience the joys of Mother’s Day, and this makes it extra special. And since pregnancy is often a time when we are showered with baby gifts, make Mother’s Day a time to strictly focus on what mums want for themselves.

We’ve compiled this handy gift guide to treat expecting mums with something they can treasure. From care packages, to maternity clothes and more, you won’t run out of ideas!

Pamper Care Package

When mums are expecting, it can be easy to feel bloated, tired and less beautiful overall. Hormones are all over the place, causing bodies to do strange things during pregnancy. One of the many physical changes women go through during pregnancy happens on the surface – their complexion. Treat expecting mums to a pamper set to keep their pregnant skin glowing the way it should.

One idea is to make up a care package yourself that’s tailored to the person you’re buying for. Skincare specialists recommend that pregnant women use more natural skincare products with minimal fragrances or preservatives. Items such as face masks, serums, nail polishes and lip balms can be really useful since pregnant skin tends to become dehydrated as nutrients are prioritised and sent to other parts of the body. 

A Pregnancy Massage

Having all that extra weight in a woman’s belly to carry around can be extra straining on her shoulders, back and legs. A massage can often be just what pregnant ladies need more than ever. You can get specific massages that are tailored to ease the strain on pregnant bodies. They help support and strengthen both the muscles and the mind, bringing relaxation to a time when it may seem impossible to feel comfortable.

Pregnancy massages activate the muscles and allow the body to produce more oxytocin and endorphins that make day to day life so much easier for pregnant women. This can be a great gift for the expecting women in your life when their due date is near, as that is when pregnancy becomes the most straining.

Matching Underwear Sets

Part of feeling beautiful is being able to look beautiful when you look in the mirror. This doesn’t change when women get pregnant. In fact, they need the confidence boost now more than ever. A cute new set of matching underwear is the perfect way to help a pregnant lady feel sexy.

Maternity underwear is not usually what women think of first when they realise they are getting too big for their clothes, and lots of pregnant women stay in the same underwear until it becomes way too tight and uncomfortable. This makes underwear a perfect gift for the expecting woman in your life.

A Maternity wear Gift Card

Clothing size is probably the most obvious change that pregnant women are going to go through, and it’s no surprise that they’re going to need some maternity clothes that fit properly as their baby grows. You could go out and pick some fabulous items a few sizes bigger than what the pregnant lady in your life usually wears, but she may just grow out of them in a few weeks’ time.

That’s why we suggest getting them a gift card to a quality maternity clothing store like Glama Mama. They can pick the style and size of clothing they know will work for them, and the online process is quick and easy. Having good, fashionable maternity clothes can give pregnant women the confidence boost they need to go out into the world and show off their baby bump. Not only that – everything is so much easier in brand new maternity dresses

To purchase our gift cards in $50, $100, or $150 amounts, visit our vouchers page and treat your beloved mum-to-be today!

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Size Guide

Our sizes correspond to your pre-pregnancy size and because our stylish maternity clothes are produced from stretchy fabrics, they will grow with you from the beginning of your pregnancy until after your baby is born.

However, please note that European sizing is slightly different from the Australian sizing. We recommend you measure the largest circumference of your bust when ordering tops and dresses and the widest part of your hips (just below the belly) for pants and skirts.

If you are between sizes or expecting twins please go up a size. 

Our size XS S M L XL
AU size 6 8-10 10-12 14 16
Bust (cm) 86-89 90-94 95-99 100-104 104-108
Hips (cm) 87-92 93-98 99-104 105-110 111-116