They’re a timeless piece that can be found in any modern woman’s wardrobe and we’re willing to bet that their popularity won’t slow down any time soon. We’re talking about the versatile jeans, aka the ultimate staple item in your closet. And if you ever though that pregnancy might force you to give denim pants a break, then you’d be happy to know that you can (and definitely should!) rock maternity jeans while carrying your baby, and especially during the colder months ahead. From party-ready outfits to office staple looks and casual weekend-ready ensembles, there’s really no occasion where a great pair of maternity jeans won’t look fabulous. Here’s why you should definitely invest in a few good pairs of maternity jeans:

1. Pregnancy Jeans Are Universally Flattering

From boot cuts to boyfriend jeans and from flared maternity jeans to skinny denims, there is a wide range of pregnancy pants available out there, each flattering for a different body shape. Whether you are a pear shape looking forward to elongating your legs (hello, flared 70s style cuts!) or a V-body-shaped lady on a mission to show off your slim legs in a pair of skinnies, there is definitely a great style out there for you.

2. You Can Wear Them Since the Start of Your Pregnancy

While you might not want to commit to a whole new wardrobe at the beginning of your pregnancy, investing from the get-go in a good pair of designer maternity jeans is definitely a good idea. Given the fact that maternity jeans are made of stretchy fabrics and feature elastic waistbands, they have the capacity of expanding as your baby bump grows. So if your favorite pair of regular skinnies feels a little snug only 6 weeks in, no worries: get comfortable and invest in a chic and accommodating pair of blue maternity denims.

3. They Are Perfect for Those First Post-Pregnancy Months

Not only are maternity denim jeans the perfect pants to wear during the colder months, but fact is that due to their innovative designs and stretchy fabrics, you can definitely still wear them after having your baby. Since most women are not ready to go back to non-elastic waists for the first weeks or months after giving birth, pregnancy pants are definitely the top alternative while trying to get back into shape.

4. They Keep You Warm During Winter

You’ve got your springtime wardrobe covered: lots of empire waist dresses, A-line skirts with floral prints and expandable waistbands – but what to do during those 3 long months of winter? The perfect solution: two good pairs of maternity jeans, paired with comfy knits and cardigans for the win! When it comes to assembling your pregnancy winter wardrobe, creating just 3 different looks that are equal parts comfortable and chic is the best way to go – and jeans are so versatile, comfy and on-trend, that you’ll definitely have them on repeat.

5. They Make the Perfect Weekend Staple

Casual, relaxed, stylish and ready for the weekend! Whether you are planning on meeting up with friends, taking a Sunday trip to the farmer’s market, visiting your family or a fun weekend getaway, there is no better clothing item to grab (and pack!) than a pair of maternity jeans. Since they look best when paired with comfy shoes like sneakers or ankle boots and with any tops ranging from sweatshirts to button-downs, styling your favorite pair definitely won’t be a challenge.

6. They Are a Trendy Party-Ready Pick

If you’ve got an evening event coming up and you’re not too keen on investing in a new evening maternity dress at this stage of your pregnancy, then go simple and chic with a pair or trendy jeans. Simply go for a darker wash like navy, charcoal or black, a slim or skinny cut, and combine them with a crisp blazer and an evening top (from sparkly sequins to sophisticated silk, everything goes) and rock on!

7. They Are Easy to Dress Up and Down

You can’t imagine a dinner-time outfit without your favorite pair of heels? Or maybe you live in sneakers and flat boots – exclusively so? Or perhaps you’re all about flats for daytime, heels for the evening – regardless of your preferences, one thing’s for sure: maternity jeans can totally work with any shoe or item in your closet, from the ultra-casual picks to the sparkly statement tops and from flat gladiator sandals to thin-heeled peep-toes. Whatever your style may be, a pair of jeans can definitely be dressed both up and down easily.

8. They Are Always Fashionable

Adorned with metallic zipper accents, with pockets, decorative buttons, with distressed details and gorgeous appliques and available in a wide range of hues from bright azures to elegant navy or soft and cool greys, maternity denim jeans are definitely a trendy pick. And regardless if you prefer a classic style or an urban and hip version of maternity pants, the vast range available on the market is sure to meet your needs.

 9. They Allow You to Look Put-Together During Your Pregnancy

If you were planning on spending your entire pregnancy in joggers and yoga pants and thought that other less informal alternatives were simply too constrictive to consider, then you should definitely try a few pairs of maternity jeans. Not only are they accommodating to your growing baby bump and totally easy to wear, but you definitely don’t need to feel like you have to give up on style during the upcoming months. Looking dolled up and put together is totally possible while staying cozy and comfy at the same time!

10. They Are Made of Smart and Innovative Fabrics

Given the amazing advances in fabric technology, maternity jeans now come in an amazing range of materials that are created with the purpose of offering more stretch than ever. Not only that, but most maternity pants available on the market present recoil abilities, which means that they resume to their initial shape and form after being worn – and that’s great news for all the ladies out there who want to invest in maternity jeans that accommodate their changing bodies comfortably both during and after the pregnancy.