Here’s What You Actually Need To Know About Breastfeeding In Public

September 01, 2017

Here’s What You Actually Need To Know About Breastfeeding In Public

Ladies, whether you’re a mum or not we’re sure you’ve heard them. The critics. The naysayers. The ‘don’t just whip your boob out’ folks. The ‘have some modesty’ grumps. Basically the people that think breastfeeding is something to be hidden away, to be sexualised, to be considered anything other than totally bloody normal!

They’re spawned a following of people who feel that women are doing something wrong when they feed their child in the most natural way possible. They’ve driven the publishing of article after article on whether people should breastfeed in public or how to breastfeed in an appropriate way.

Folks, it’s time to get our heads together and get over this. We don’t need to normalise breastfeeding anywhere. In fact, breastfeeding is about the most ‘normal’ thing a mum can do. It’s feeding your baby, with all the tools that you were born with, and that’s just how it is.

Here’s the fact that those bobble-headed critics aren’t catching. All mothers have the right to breastfeed whenever and wherever they wish. If you’re a new mum, or a soon-to-be mum, or a mum who wants to try breastfeeding for this child, welcome! We’ve provided some tips and ideas in the article that follows, as well as some good ol’ fashioned love for the boobs that keep our babies fed.

Breastfeeding Is A Sisterhood

Before we jump into what you should know about breastfeeding in public, let us just tell any mums who are worried about their upcoming breastfeeding journey one thing: breastfeeding is a sisterhood. We’ve all experienced the highs and lows of latching and nipple pain. Whether you choose to breastfeed your child for six months, or you continue for several years, breastfeeding can have an enormous benefit on the life of your child, and on your relationship together. Breastfeeding isn’t easy, but it is so, so beautiful. When mums succeed in breastfeeding, we all celebrate with you, and when things get too tough to continue, there are always people you can call on for support, both online and offline.
Mums, we just want you to know that. Now, let’s dive in!

Why It’s Important To Feed In Public

We hate that we still have to talk about why it’s important to breastfeed in public, but it’s a funny old world we live in. Just in case anyone reading this thinks that there are any reasons women shouldn’t breastfeed in public, get ready to be hit with the knowledge of a millennia of breastfeeding goddesses!

Breastfeeding Is A Right!

In most developed countries, of which Australia is thankfully one, a woman’s right to breastfeed is enshrined in law. Yes, despite what some loud-mouthed critics might say, you absolutely can breastfeed in public, so keep doing it! Encourage others that you see, and support the milk-mums in your life to breastfeed in the way that suits them, not the way they think is appropriate!

Confusing Your Child

When you’re constantly swapping between your breast and a bottle, your child can struggle to feed. This is called nipple confusion, and it happens in the early days before your child is fully established into breastfeeding. It’s hard to overcome, and we hate to see mums struggling because they’ve been sold a dud idea about when it’s appropriate to breastfeed. Just do it!

Your Child’s Right To Eat

Finally, among the most important reasons you should feed in public is that your child’s feeding schedule is about their needs, not the convenience of others. Your baby has a right to eat when they’re hungry, not covered up with a cloth or hidden away somewhere unsanitary, like a bathroom. Babies need boobies, and they grow big and strong thanks to them!

Making Breastfeeding In Public Easier

Ok, so now you know that breastfeeding in public isn’t just your right, it’s totally awesome and an incredible thing to be involved in and to provide your child with. So, what if you aren’t that confident? We get it, there are no instructions that work for everyone, and you need to find what works for you. Some ladies like to rock breastfeeding in style, with a few choice pieces of maternity wear. We’re big fans because, frankly, everyone deserves to feel like a million bucks, and those pregnancy curves do not last forever! Also, bonus for being able to feed your bub easily thanks to hidden zippers and flaps!

nursing dress

The stunning blue Icy Moon maternity dress above is just what mums need for pregnancy and beyond. With a fabulous print design, capped sleeves and a super flattering scooped neckline you can work with what you’ve got. The elastic waist highlights what you want highlighted, and there’s even a hidden zipper at the front for easier breastfeeding.

Sporty and absolutely chic, the Just In Love maternity dress (above right) has a round neckline, long sleeves and hidden zippers on the front so you can breastfeed with ease. This is a casual dress for sure, but the soft jersey is so comfortable, and the slim fit is very flattering.

breastfeeding top

Not everyone is a fan of the maternity dress, and we understand. That’s why we love the sporty and comfortable blue Melia Denim Shirt above. It is a fantastic casual lock with side pockets and a gathered elastic waistline. No zips in this one, but there are press buttons so you can still breastfeed whenever you need.

Another maternity shirt for those stylish pregnant and post-pregnant mums out there is the Maxie Breastfeeding Shirt (above right). This is a tracksuit jersey paired with a classic white shirt for a very trendy and unusual look. The Maxie shirt has long sleeves and hidden zippers in the bust for simple breastfeeding access. Talk about the perfect shirt for pregnancy and after!

Ladies, breastfeeding mummas, milk goddesses, now is your time to shine. Whether you’re breastfeeding at home in the living room, or you’re feeding bub in a café or a shopping centre, you rock that feed. Breastfeeding is an incredible gift, and even if it isn’t always easy, the effort you make does count, and persistence will get you there in the end. Good luck mums, we believe in the power of the boob!

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Size Guide

Our sizes correspond to your pre-pregnancy size and because our stylish maternity clothes are produced from stretchy fabrics, they will grow with you from the beginning of your pregnancy until after your baby is born.

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If you are between sizes or expecting twins please go up a size. 

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AU size 6 8-10 10-12 14 16
Bust (cm) 86-89 90-94 95-99 100-104 104-108
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