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Your Ultimate Guide to Dressing for Each Trimester

March 27, 2019

Your Ultimate Guide to Dressing for Each Trimester

When it comes to maternity clothes comfort trumps style. But don’t think you can’t have your cake and eat it too! You can still dress smart and comfortable during pregnancy, and look great doing it without breaking the bank!

Once you’re pregnant, your clothing needs will change dramatically, and over the next nine months. You don’t just need clothes that look good now, you need clothes that can change with you, and accommodate your growing baby bump. Replacing your entire wardrobe every time you outgrow it won’t be an affordable option, so how do you dress to meet all these challenges? Fortunately, Glama Mama are here to help!

Let’s look at the maternity clothes you’ll need for each trimester of your pregnancy. Check out our ultimate guide for how to dress during each trimester.

How to dress for the first trimester

How you dress for your first trimester will largely depend on the timing of your announcement. Many women choose to keep their pregnancy under wraps as long as possible. Others don’t find out until nearly midway into the trimester, while others shout the good news from the rooftops the moment they find out.

Regardless, your first trimester should be all about the comfort you find in your existing wardrobe. Try to dress normally, but avoid tight-fitting clothes like leggings. During the first months of your pregnancy, you may gain some weight across your entire body, so loose-fitting clothing will remain comfortable as your body begins to change - darker clothes can help to disguise some of those new curves. If you want to keep your pregnancy a secret a little while longer, draw the eye away from your middle with tunics or wrap dresses.

How to dress for the second semester

For your second trimester, you can showcase your exciting new baby bump with long tops and stretchy bottoms.

A bellyband can give some extra weeks to your jeans, tactfully covering open buttons and zippers. Ruched maternity dresses can give you some flair, while long tees and tanks can provide some lovely definition to your new centrepiece belly bump.

You’ll likely notice a little extra bounce in your bust as well, so maternity bras can provide some much-needed support (a nice v-neck collar could show off your extra voluptuousness). If discretion is more your vibe, long, flowy blouses can minimise your figure. Wrap dresses can grow with you and will easily accommodate your shape.

How to dress for the third trimester

When the third trimester rolls around, leggings, tunics, and empire wastes will be your best friend.

Your body will change less from the second to third trimesters than it did from the first to the second, so much of your second trimester wardrobe will still work for you. Ankle-length flowing dresses will provide some welcome ventilation as you grow weary carrying that extra weight around. Maternity dresses will also provide the least amount of restriction around your midsection. Comfortable shoes with plenty of support are also a must - as your weight distribution changes, your posture will be affected.

Stay stylish throughout your pregnancy

You don’t have to give up on looking your best just because you’re pregnant! Glama Mama helps mothers look and feel their best with affordable maternity clothes Australia wide. Dress to reflect the proud mother-to-be that you are. Contact Glama Mama today to view their beautiful collection of maternity clothes.

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Size Guide

Our sizes correspond to your pre-pregnancy size and because our stylish maternity clothes are produced from stretchy fabrics, they will grow with you from the beginning of your pregnancy until after your baby is born.

However, please note that European sizing is slightly different from the Australian sizing. We recommend you measure the largest circumference of your bust when ordering tops and dresses and the widest part of your hips (just below the belly) for pants and skirts.

If you are between sizes or expecting twins please go up a size. 

Our size XS S M L XL
AU size 6 8-10 10-12 14 16
Bust (cm) 86-89 90-94 95-99 100-104 104-108
Hips (cm) 87-92 93-98 99-104 105-110 111-116