10 things to know about dressing your bump for work

August 17, 2017

10 things to know about dressing your bump for work


Pregnancy heralds multiple new beginnings; the chance to get away with the ‘whatever still fits’ excuse? Not so much. Maternity style can be a tricky minefield to navigate, but that doesn’t mean that your options are whittled down to the binary choice between fashion and comfort.

For those days when you find your fashion mojo slipping away, look for inspiration to Beyoncé – A cursory scroll through the style icon’s Instagram feed is proof positive that her sartorial choices have only gotten better during her second pregnancy. Meanwhile Britain’s gift to the world, Kate Middleton paired her new momma glow with a wide array of body-flattering midi dresses.

Nailing that perfect OOTD in the workplace while coping with the daily stresses of pregnancy may sound like the ultimate catch-22 situation, which is why we’ve done the legwork for you. Follow our guide to the most stylish nine months of your life, and watch those heads turn in the conference room.

Know your body type

One size doesn’t fit all – Never has that moniker felt truer than when discussing pregnancy body types. Different women carry the weight differently; you definitely can’t get away with recycling your elder sister’s old maternity wardrobe.

The road to an effortless wardrobe that doesn’t exhaust you at ungodly hours in the morning begins with knowing what to ask for when you’re shopping – starting with a detailed understanding of your personal body type.

If you’re carrying the baby high…

It’s best to delineate your bust from your bump. Voila, all those cute belts that you’ve been stashing away. High-waisted separates are your friend, and don’t require you to break the bank on an all-new wardrobe. Make your pre-pregnancy outfit options work you by simply swapping out your leggings for a high-waisted skirt in a stretchy material to give your curves the attention they deserve.

maternity workwear

If you’re carrying the baby low…

You’ve got a delicate bump around your hips to accentuate. Get creative with the upper half of your outfit, while giving your belly some space. Think comfort, think jumpsuits and knotted blazers. Both will give your bump some space to breathe, and a dark toned tank top underneath will keep your fashion cred high, thank you very much. Look to the Glam Grey Jacket available in slimming colours of grey and beige with an adjustable sash in the front to score some brownie points while staying in your comfort zone.

If you’re petite all over…

Chances are your body has all the convenience of your pre-maternity self, just without all the wardrobe options. Quit trying to determinedly button up your jeans and instead explore the fun world of wrap dresses and floral midis on the other side of the fence. If in doubt, make neutral hues and horizontal stripes your go-to mantra for the next nine months.

Work smart, not hard

You don’t need to chart a minute-by-minute itinerary of your day for us to know that spending hours in front of the wardrobe trying to zero in on an outfit isn’t a luxury you can afford any more. Look, and feel, on the top of your game with some smart layering: Your pre-pregnancy blazers and trench coats are still at your service. A simple addition to your shopping list for A-line skirts will help you throw together an OOTD in a pinch. Mix and match, and let your different co-ordinating options fool people into thinking your wardrobe  deeper than it actually is.

maternity wear for work

Build a high-low wardrobe

Your healthy growing self probably doesn’t have a corresponding bank balance that grows accordingly. Don’t fret; you don’t have to empty out your account on clothes that may or may not fit you three months from now. The key to walking the financial tightrope is building an efficient high-low wardrobe. Identify the statement wardrobe staple that you know will stand you in good stead for a couple of months. Everything else falls in line with the budget.

Avoid oversized clothing

Bella Hadid may be able to carry off a drooping shoulder like she was born with it, but unless done right, oversized clothing can drown your form. More’s the pity for those excellent curves you’ve been sporting. Fitted clothing needn’t be the enemy; the year is 2017, and high elastic support and stretchy fabrics that envelope your shape are a thing. If you’re still in two minds, allow this snowy Broadway dress to convince you otherwise.

Step out in comfort

Sneakers with a dress aren’t a fashion faux pas anymore, praise be. Stiletto pumps aren’t going to do your toes any favours during those long meetings, so invest in a classic pair of white sneakers that’ll work flawlessly with all colours in your wardrobe.

dress and sneakers maternity

(Image Courtesy: PopSugar)

Time matters

Avoid the black hole that is the world of shapeless maternity clothes by making smarter shopping decisions in lesser time. First trimester? Chances are, you aren’t ready to tell the world quite just yet, so go easy with frilly midi dresses and ruffles on your waistline.

Second trimester is when your body is beginning to play up those incredible curves; give them their chance in the spotlight with belted blazers, colour-blocked separates and paper bag skirts.

Third trimester is really all about the comfort; maximise your movement in breathable dresses, high-belted summer frocks and versatile maxis. The Marbella dress makes for an excellent candidate as a workday to weekend option.

Colours matter too

Horizontal stripes adding ten pounds to your frame turned out to be a myth; (throw on a striped maxi dress and statement black jacket and see the proof for yourself) but not all colours on the wheel are flattering for your form. Blacks and greys live up to the promise of providing a tapering-down effect to the body, while busy prints may not do your newfound curves many favours.

We’ve done the homework; with your maternity fashion chart for the work week in place, you might just miss these nine months once they are over.

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Size Guide

Our sizes correspond to your pre-pregnancy size and because our stylish maternity clothes are produced from stretchy fabrics, they will grow with you from the beginning of your pregnancy until after your baby is born.

However, please note that European sizing is slightly different from the Australian sizing. We recommend you measure the largest circumference of your bust when ordering tops and dresses and the widest part of your hips (just below the belly) for pants and skirts.

If you are between sizes or expecting twins please go up a size. 

Our size XS S M L XL
AU size 6 8-10 10-12 14 16
Bust (cm) 86-89 90-94 95-99 100-104 104-108
Hips (cm) 87-92 93-98 99-104 105-110 111-116

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